Current Projects

E.K. has extensive experience designing developing, deploying and managing advanced technology solutions for a variety of clients. Our commitment to quality and customer service has allowed E.K. to deliver successfully integrated projects to satisfied clients.

County of Orange – Social Services Agency/ Children & Family Services

Project: Systems Integration Support

For the past seven years, E.K. has provided multi-level consulting services including but not limited to: systems implementation services, Computer Based Training (CBT), internet design, extensive end user application support, service desk and onsite troubleshooting, data integration and database administration, hardware, software and network upgrades. Our team continues to provide program and project management, training/testing for both standard and proprietary software, quality assurance/quality control services on different integration projects, implementing and supporting both server and web designed databases meeting agency reporting requirements.

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Additional responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Email system administration services (e.g. mailbox administration, add/remove/delete mail box permissions, creation of distribution list & owners) including wireless component devices.
  • Public folder administration services including creation/deletion of folders, folder owner permissions & ownership assignments and folder replication management.
  • System security services, such as virus eradication, intrusion detection & prevention, spyware prevention and encryption.
  • End User ID administrative security practices and procedures to ensure that all end user IDs are authenticated (e.g. encryption, minimal level passwords) for the operating systems and databases.
  • Asset Inventory Management which includes the tracking and monitoring of hardware and software licenses in accordance with federal and state requirements.
  • Upgrade, test, train, rollout, support and maintain system security and IT Operations projects.
  • Support IT Infrastructure projects and assist in transitioning new systems into the existing environment with minimal downtime and transparency to the users.
  • Plan, execute and rollout special system projects.

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) / Siemens Industries

Project: LAWA Airports Response Coordination Center (ARCC) MAINTENANCE AND OPERATIONS

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) / Kimley-Horn & Associates

Project: Emergency Plan Writing and Development of a Comprehensive Emergency Management Program for Los Angeles International Airports and LA/Ontario International Airport

Our team is responsible for identifying and developing processes and procedures for the emergency preparedness measures to include training and exercises, which includes broad functions such as continuous communication, maintaining computer systems, management roles, response operations, planning and intelligence gathering, evacuations, logistics, finance and administrative issues, intra- and inter-agency liaison, and public information dissemination.

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Our team is developing a recovery plan to guide the Airport and surrounding businesses in resuming vital functions and restoring the operations of the airport following a major incident. We act as the facilitator for one emergency management sub-committee and ensure that tasks and deliverables developed in the meetings are accomplished. We are assisting LAWA in coordinating exercises, drills and tabletop exercises in relation to the developed emergency response plans, using the Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) approach. Our team is building on the training program and calendar for LAWA first responders. The training program includes the establishment of required proficiency levels that emergency responders must possess and to which they will be trained.

Los Angeles Police Department/ Northrop Grumman

Project: Supporting the Los Angeles Police Department’s Regional Video Command Center (RVCC)

Our team is providing 24/7 software and hardware support. Our Cisco certified personnel are providing reconfiguration, testing, and maintenance of Cisco Firewalls and Cisco Switches used in the RVCC system. Our certified Dell Server and HP workstation experts are responsible for maintaining optimal server operations, troubleshooting and diagnosing hardware related computer issues.