Child Welfare Services / Case Management System (CWS/CMS)

E.K. has extensive experience supporting the California SACWIS-CWS/CMS application, offering troubleshooting, training and implementation services.  We support every aspect of CWS/CMS from start of a referral to the ending of case, and every task in between, including data integrity and clean up.  We have specialist who know how to create case plans and court reports and though we do not interpret policy, we do understand how it is applied to CWS/CMS functions.

Our analysts have worked with hundreds of managers, thousands of social workers and ancillary staff gaining a working knowledge of governmental social service agencies and we put a premium on protecting the confidential aspects of these environments while providing professional and dependable services. E.K. understands the California court related demands placed upon child protection agencies and the urgency of problem resolution to meet their deadlines.

Whether you are developing a new solution, enhancing an existing system, or strengthening your training and end-user support, E.K. will help you meet your company objectives.

E. K. provides CWS/CMS training for managers, line workers and clerical staff that include practical hands-on exercises that will help them master the CWS/CMS functionality. After the training is complete, staff will understand the benefits of the application and how it will help them improve their case management needs in a timely manner.